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Naturally Lazy

Jo Boots
Naturally Lazy

So I’m just going to be straight up here in admitting that I’m naturally a very lazy person… I’ll often look for the easiest way to do something, the path of least resistance, and I’m really not a super motivated person. Ezra my husband on the other hand is a super hard worker, loves a challenge and has a much stronger mindset than I do.

This combination in itself (I’m sure you can tell) means we often butt heads. And can we just PAUSE there for a moment because I’ve never actually written the words ‘butt heads’ in a sentence before and it’s literally ‘butt heads’ with double t… I had to google it and everything. Ok I’m moving on… so we butt heads (we are not butt heads, but we do butt heads) Ok I’m for real done this time. We butt heads.

For example most times we need to stop off at the supermarket, I stay in the car because I can’t be bothered getting out. I also don’t like doing supermarket shops and it’s always so cold in there and I hate the cold... so it’s kind of a legitimate excuse? Ez on the other hand is very happy in the supermarket, it’s actually one of his ‘happy places’ (I know what a weird husband, but what a lucky wife I am). But it does often bother Ezra my laziness of not wanting to get out of the car. He can’t really fathom it because to him it’s like ‘just make the decision, change your mindset and do it’. Which leads me to our impromptu date night the other month.

We had a crazy, full day and it got to about 8:30pm and we hadn’t had dinner yet. We were in Richmond and Ez had his heart set on a souvlaki. We found a place on google, Ez parked the car, and would have been expecting us to go get dinner together. The main problem was - it was cold outside. Again… I don’t do the cold very well. So I suggested to Ez “Can you just get me anything… I’ll wait here?” with a smug smile on my face hoping to get lucky and stay warm. To my ‘annoyance’ Ezra actually wanted to spend time with me and walk and chat outside (in the cold) - what a selfish husband am I right? Wanting to spend time with his wife…psshhh. Well I tried to persuade him with “I can’t be bothered” which sometimes works, but not that night. Ez had decided the only way to get me out of the car was to turn it into ‘date night’. We were officially doing this.


To be honest to start with I wasn’t happy. And Ez kept joking around saying “Woohoo, date night!” To which I would respond “It’s not date night!” And be running away to try and keep warm. But I do love he persisted - like I said he’s a very determined person.

We ended up gong to 3 different souvlaki shops, laughing and joking around (like kids to be honest) and ended the night with an even longer walk in the cold to Messina - Ezra’s other happy place. It was a super fun, unplanned ‘date night’ which I may have never experienced if I stuck with my ‘I can’t be bothered’ attitude.

It makes me wonder how much of life we can often miss out on, simply because we can’t be bothered doing things. We can’t be bothered leaving the house, going to a gathering, going for a walk with our partner. Laziness can actually steal so many experiences from us if we allow it to take over our mindset.

So hopefully I’ve encouraged you through my own laziness to start being bothered! Make that phone call, go for that walk, catch up with your friends, start saying yes to more things than you say no.

jolovesboots xx