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Fresh Start 2019

Jo Boots
Fresh Start 2019

So I have decided to start my ‘new year’ in February this year. 2019 snuck up on me way too quickly, and to be honest I just wasn’t ready for it. Plus I started the first week of the new year sick in bed with a cold, so I definitely had zero motivation to ‘Get healthy, do exercise, new year new you’ etc etc. So I’ve decided rather than waiting a whole 12 months to start the year strong, I’ll get started in Feb. 

While I’m writing this I’m actually being challenged with the fact that I should probably just start tomorrow rather than wait until Feb, but I don’t want to be too outrageous -  after all I am usually the “I’ll start my diet on Monday” kind of girl… so it’s baby steps for me, but at least I’m still keeping to my moto of keeping it real. 

And no better way to keep it real than a little accountability by sharing my goals for the year. And I’ve actually been inspired by my younger sister this year to focus on having a different goal each month, rather than trying to do something huge and usually unattainable for the whole year. I’m hoping by breaking it down and having one goal each month, I can achieve more without the pressure of ‘this is too hard, there’s no way I can do this for a whole year!’. So here we go… 

January - pretend the new year hasn’t started yet - check :) 

February - post a photo every day 

March - create/write every day

April - no retail shopping 

May - drink 2L of water a day

June - read from a book every day

July - encourage someone every day 

August - complete a fun run 

September - meal plan/prep/cook for a whole month (Ezra will be holding out for September)

October - exercise daily

November - go somewhere I’ve never been once a week 

December - have completed one blog a month for the year :)

So these are my small goals for the year. I’m looking forward to having more focus, and I also got one of those diaries where I can write down different weekly goals where I’m putting things like ‘floss teeth’ and ‘15 minutes of cleaning each night’ etc. so that should hopefully keep me motivated with different little random things as well.

For those of you who may be in the same boat as me - JUMP OUT OF THAT BOAT! Don’t focus on what January 2019 should have been, but write out even one small goal for the day/week/month you can achieve. And make sure it’s something you actually can achieve and not completely unrealistic. Remember it’s all about baby steps while you work your way towards smashing those huge goals and dreams you have placed deep inside of you.

Let’s enjoy the fresh start of 2019 and let’s make this our best year yet!

jolovesboots xx