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Take a Look in the Mirror.

Jo Boots
Take a Look in the Mirror.

So most of you know by now I don’t enjoy cooking. Although it’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it’s that there’s a million other things I would rather be doing than cooking, so that annoys me, not the process of cooking itself. The other day I was prepping for a stir fry and it took like half an hour to just cut the veggies! #aintnobodygottimeforthat

When Ezra and I had a mini getaway for our 5 year anniversary, we actually cooked 80% of the time on that holiday because we were relaxed, had no where to be, nothing to do, and we actually really enjoy spending that time together in the kitchen. 

But when it comes to every day life, and both of us working all day to then coming home to cook - that’s usually my cue to do anything but cook. Praise the Lord for having a husband who can cook, and isn’t too fussed about it. Generally he cooks, and I clean. This system works pretty well for us… except for when Ezra falls sick, or life gets busy. And that seems to happen more often than not, especially the latter.  

You would think being the amazing wife I am, I would put my own issues aside of not wanting to cook, so that I can care for and provide for my husband when he’s unwell. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. This is usually when we turn to fast food. I’d like to say shock horror, but most of you know this about us anyway - we have terrible diets and it’s a wonder we are not both 100kg heavier! 

So the other week, Ezra got sick - cue the fast food diet. It doesn’t help Ezra gets emails from the Colonel about special deals coming up! I’m not proud of this but it was probably our 3rd time to KFC in the week because they had just released their new $5 lunch box deal. At the same time my skin had started breaking out like crazy and being super frustrated at this I blurt out “I have no idea why my skin is breaking out so much, it’s ridiculous!” There’s a moments silence in the car, before Ezra says “It could be to do with the fact we are on our way to KFC… again…”


I literally burst into laughter at how obvious the answer to my ‘problem’ was. I never even put two and two together I was just thinking woe is me, why is this happening to me, why God why? When really I’m sure God was looking down at me asking the exact same question “Why Jo, why?” 

It made me think of other times in life where we may question God on things, or just think “Why is this happening to me?” when I think a lot of the time the answer is staring back at us in the mirror. I know that there is so much that happens to us in life that is out of our control, but there is actually SO much that’s in our control, but we either can’t see it for ourselves, or don’t want to see it. Most of the time we don’t want to see it because we are the only ones to blame, and it will take some hard change to turn things around...


Why is your skin breaking out? Maybe because you’re eating zero fruit and veggies, and only have one glass of water a day. 

Why are you putting on so much weight over winter? Maybe because you’ve been to the gym once this month, and you’re stacking on the carbs because #winter

Why are you struggling so hard to pay the bills? Maybe because you prioritise your online shopping and weekly brunches, over savings. 

Why are you still single? Maybe because you’re focusing so hard on finding someone, rather than working on being the best version of yourself. Being confident in who you are is 100 times more attractive than someone who is so desperate for a partner! 

Why aren’t you a millionaire yet? Maybe because you’re sitting around waiting for that genius idea to make you a millionaire, rather than just working with what you have in your hands, and seeing what happens from there. 

If you think I’m being too harsh - these are all personal examples from my own life. Some from the past, and some are very current and real for me right now! 


So whether it’s chatting to your husband, best friend, family member, or just having a good hard look at yourself - next time you’re temped with ‘Why God why’ either talk it out with someone, or literally look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself - is there anything I can do in this situation to help fix it, or is it actually out of my control? 

I think a high percentage of the time there’s always something we can do.  Rather than thinking life is just unfair and it’s totally out of our control, focus on what you can fix, and you’ll be amazed at what can come from it. Often the solution is in our hands, or staring us right back in the mirror.

jolovesboots xx


ps. the face mask photos were meant to tie in with me trying to clear my skin up from all the junk food... and looking in the 'mirror'. I now realise that link is not that clear - but I decided to keep them anyway just for your enjoyment :)