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Jo Boots

2017 - What a year it has been! 

So many ups and downs and everything in between - is it too late to start thinking about how I can improve myself on the very last day? Nah. Because if it’s not too late for me it’s not too late for you either! Let’s do this. 


Ok I’ll confess, I did actually start writing a list of things I want to achieve next year a couple of days ago, but it’s not so much “new years resolutions” as it is a list of random things I want to do in 2018. For example the first thing on my list is to try a ginger shot! I’ve heard they’re disgusting and it burns all the way down but also it’s very good for you so - why not? I also have on my list to learn 5 new recipes which means I’ll actually have to start cooking. My poor husband... we were talking the other day over dinner about how we have nearly been married for 5 years which is crazy in itself. And then he pauses for a while and comes out with “To be honest I thought after 5 years of marriage you would be cooking more than you are.” We both burst out laughing because it’s actually a bit ridiculous how little I cook. I have other personal goals, work goals and just fun adventures that I’m putting on my list, and it helps I have a pretty Kikki.K book to write it all down in, but in saying all this - I think there is something in writing things down. 


Whether you're all about the new year resolutions, setting yourself goals, a to do list or a bucket list - WRITE IT DOWN. And don’t worry about if it’s today or tomorrow or even in a weeks time. I’m probably going to keep adding to mine throughout the year as there is space for 99 things to write down in my book. But when we write things down, it’s something we can keep coming back to. Whether we succeed or fail miserably on the first day, it’s great to be able to come back to something as a refresher, a reminder, an encouragement of ‘wow look how far I’ve come’ or a friendly kick in the bum to 'wow I have so many things I want to achieve and haven’t started any of them’. 

To be completely honest I’m usually someone who writes things down because I have a terrible memory. If I didn’t write down the things I wanted to achieve I wouldn’t get much done at all. Which has it’s pro’s and con’s because if I think I have ‘nothing to do’ I’ll usually enjoy my time a lot more, but there is zero satisfaction in that. On the other hand if I have a list of a million things to do I can easily become overwhelmed and also decide to do nothing - is this just me? So I think you also need a balance. Which is why I’m writing a whole variety of things I want to achieve. Some are things I could do straight away, others will take months and some things aren’t really measurable as having been ‘complete’ but are more #lifegoals for lack of a better term. 


So I’ll wrap things up there and keep it short and sweet because I imagine everyone is already out partying to get ready for the near year, or getting ready to. So - from my family to yours I hope you have the best last day of 2017, and that 2018 is better than you could ever imagine.. but don’t just ‘hope’ for it to be the best, do something practical so you can MAKE it the best. 

Lots of love,

jolovesboots xx