Jo Boots

Monday Night Magic

Jo Boots
Monday Night Magic

When someone offers you a night of free rides at Luna Park, and the sun is actually shining in Melbourne - the answer is always a ‘yes’ from me! Things weren’t quite as I expected/planned/had hoped for in my head, but realistically they never really are. So here’s what we got up to on our last minute date night at Luna Park.


We rushed home and got changed so we could jump on the vespa and not have to worry about all the traffic or parking at the other end. We did a quick walk around when we got there, bought some hot chips to keep us going until dinner, and decided to line up for the classic railway rollercoaster. 

After 5 minutes in the line, we noticed a sign saying we were getting close to the ’45 minute wait’ mark. Say what?! For some reason in my head I was expecting a 20 minute wait max! If you’re going to go to Luna Park though - this ride is a must. So we continued to wait in line with probably the most annoying group of children you could imagine behind us. You would think the fact we both work with kids for a living would give us more patience but seriously, how many times can kids bump into you before you (very politely of course) ask them to look out and stop touching us!!! #weallhaveabreakingpoint

After a long wait, we finally got to the front of the line. I was pumped because we may have missed the front of the roller coaster, but we managed to get to the back which meant no one would be behind us for photos - woohoo! Nek minute an elderly couple gets put behind us AND no cameras are allowed on the ride - booooooo! I stayed strong though, and still snuck a few pics with the iPhone before being told ‘no photos please.’ Ok Ok…geeeeeeee. 

After our first ride, we had 30 minutes left before closing time. I had 2 things on my mind. First was fairy floss, second was we needed to get in line for another ride before we missed out. As we were walking we went past the ghost ride and the line didn’t look too long so we decided to jump in while we could. Long story short this was the funniest ‘ride’ we have ever been on based on how there was zero scare factor for the whole ride AND it was the last ride we got on before closing time! We laughed and laughed the whole time because it was such a short ride and seriously, no scares the whole way through. It’s a very old ride…


Now that all the rides were closed - all I wanted was fairy floss! But just my luck as we go to get it… they close as well! Yes, I was devo. I threw a pity party for the next 10 minutes. To be honest I was close to ruining the whole night as I just wanted to go home after that (I really wanted that fairy floss). Ezra being the supportive husband he is, kept trying to suggest I just take someone else’s fairy floss to get a photo and give it back again. I declined, obviously. So not the same thing. But don’t worry people - I did get over it. Next stop - fish and chips on the beach. 


Pretty sunset, palm trees, sea gulls, cool breeze & more chips to follow. All up it was a pretty magic night. Ideally I was hoping to go on a lot more rides, get fairy floss, and for it to not be so cold, BUT regardless of expectations, life is all about making the most of our realities! I’m terrible at building up and imagining the best scenario which is often very far from reality, and I can easily set myself up to get disappointed. So if you’re anything like me, try to remember that even though things may not go the way you hope, don’t let those false expectations ruin your night. Make the most of whatever situation you’re in, and don’t forget it’s more about the people you’re with than the things you’re doing. Oh and spontaneous date nights are always a good idea - even if it means writing your blog post at 11:30pm at night and no chores get done. 

jolovesboots xx