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Head Space

This last week Ezra and I have been nannying for 4 boys/teenagers/eating machines, so pretty much I wanted to dedicate this post to all the parents out there - R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Seriously. How the heck do you find time to do anything other than look after your kids? Between the school runs, washing, cooking, cleaning, homework, monitoring screen time, stopping the arguments and trying keep the peace - it’s crae crae. Oh yeah, and add a 12 week puppy plus our dog Hamish to the mix. Fun times! 


So our week has definitely had it’s ups and downs, and head space is the thing that comes to mind as the biggest thing we learnt - and are still learning. 

It’s funny because one of the nights I went to bed early, while the boys watched a movie together about killing rats?! So when Ezra finally came to bed he hesitantly made the comment “I kind of feel like I’m having to do all the parenting on my own…” to which I ever so calmly replied “YOU’RE KIDDING ME RIGHT?!” But from Ezra’s point of view he had spent the whole day with the boys, taking them out to play basketball while I stayed home. When he came home and was looking for head space, I was just wanting to finish up with the washing, cleaning, cooking, picking up dog poop and go to bed! Once we realised neither of us were actually doing this alone, we became very conscious of the fact that we both needed to make sure we were getting the mental breaks that we needed in order to be the best ‘us’ possible. 


Plus I will shout out to Ez for giving me the ‘night off’ from my motherly duties to be able to sing at church & then come home and write my blog…not last minute at I said, how do you have time to do anything other than parent? Haha but we were able to find that balance today because Ezra left early to get a coffee and have some head space, I had the boys all morning and then we did the swap over in the afternoon. We always do dinner together which is the best time for conversation (for everyone) and then have a game plan before going to bed. 

For the time being, because our situation is just temporary, I look forward to going back to just ‘husband and wife’ and being a little more selfish with our time, and doing whatever the heck we want :) But one day the time will come where we will be parents FOR LIFE (eeek) so this experience for us is a great excuse to start thinking about how we can find a great balance and just be conscious in giving each other head space. Even to figure out now what’s the best way we are both refreshed so we have ‘go to’ solutions when we need a break. 


If you don’t have kids - enjoy your freedom! If you do have kids, a reminder to always be looking for that head space, and to be communicating with your partner when you need it, and the best way for you to get it. Head space is crucial in order to have a balanced, happy life. 

jolovesboots xx