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One Year!

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One Year!

Hello everyone,

Guess what? It has been one whole year since I started my blog!!! I have successfully posted a blog post every single week for a whole year, and yes I am a little bit proud of myself. To be honest I had so many Sunday nights where I had not much written, but I still somehow came up with a post. At times where I wanted to give up, of course my husband was my biggest encourager to make it happen, and I’m so glad he did. So thanks Ezzy for putting up with my complaining, for the millions of photos taken and your patience with me through the year with anything to do with my blog. You’re the best.

Today I just want to say thank you to you though. To every single person who has been reading. Thank you to those of you who wrote me encouraging messages, and for those of you who told me in person how much you loved it, and how much you could relate. That’s honestly what’s kept me writing every single week. And also a special shout out to Megan who proof read my post every Monday and always found something that needed changing - I like to tell her I put mistakes in there just to make sure she would read it.

To celebrate my one year of writing, I’m going to take a break - yay for me!! The last few weeks/months have been MASSIVE and this week I am off to India for a mission trip. My body apparently doesn’t do too well with exhaustion as yesterday someone came to tell me they enjoyed reading my blog post last week, and was asking me about calendars when I had to say “I’m so sorry, I’m feeling really sick”. And from there I sprinted to the bathroom and threw up... so thank goodness there was a cubicle free! And I’ve already had several ‘morning sickness’ comments but no, not pregnant, just exhausted! So don’t get any ideas just yet.


Today, Monday, will be my day of rest before the rest of the week gets crazy busy and I head off to India on Friday. I’m writing this a little later than usual, but taking the time out to enjoy some quality time with my husband, and celebrate the fact that I get to do this journey with my best friend and partner in crime for life.

And I’ll leave you with that thought exactly - appreciate your partner through every season, especially the crazy ones because at least you’re not alone through the craziness.

Thanks again for reading, have a happy Monday and don’t worry - I’ll be back before you know it.


jolovesboots xx