InterviewsJo Boots

Matt and Ash

InterviewsJo Boots
Matt and Ash

How long have you been together for?M: A long and happy time. A: Haha we've been married 4 1/2 years and we were probably dating 3 years... M: That long? A: Yeah...we've probably known each other for 8 years.. M: Well 2009 is when we met..wait...7 years? A: Oh dear!


How did you meet? 

A: Well that's a good question, how did we meet Matt?  Which time? M: They all left a lasting impression on both of us haha. A: Oh dear. M: So a mutual friends house warming party... A: No, my housewarming party! M: Yes. But I knew a mutual friend of Ash's. A: Yeah, he knew one of the other house mates. But we actually met 5 years earlier but don't remember meeting. M: Apparently I was just a nice young person who introduced myself to new people. A: We were visiting Bridge Church and yeah friends remember us meeting, but we don't! So it wasn't love at first sight...

So was it at the house warming that you were both interested in each other?  M: I was just trying to remember who were the housemates and who were just random people at the party. A: It was a little bit of a crazy party and I was in a bit of shock as to what I'd moved down to Melbourne for so ... no. From there though we all hung out quite a bit, all my housemates and a heap of Matt's friends. We sort of dated as friends with groups, and then on our own as friends, he tricked me into a few dates. M: Just a couple.

So who made the first move?  A: Definitely Matt! M: I invited her to my University Ball.. A: And I was still in denial thinking we were just friends... for a few months after that. M: What kind of girl thinks only friends go to this formal ball together? A: Yeah well, I was in denial..until he came out and had to be very upfront. M: Blunt. And unromantic. A: It was was bold. M: There was nothing romantic about it. A: And I left him hanging for another week! Haha. M: The story is, we were driving on Maroondah Highway and I said: "So Ash, I really like you, but I don't know what to do about it. As in what's the next step?" and Ash replies.. A: I was in shock and said: "Well I guess we've got 2 options..." and then I couldn't think of any options. Hahaha so then we just kept driving and went to whatever we were going to that night. M: So we thought, we'll just think and pray about it a bit more. A: Basically. And then I just pretended like nothing had happened and we were still just great friends. M: No then you went and told your housemates, all the girls, and they said "Did you tell him that you liked him back?!" A: And I said "Oh I don't think I actually did." So then I organised a catch up and by then it had been about a week and I told him that I liked him too.


What's the best date you've ever been on? M: I think one of my favourites was our first date when I took you to Anglesea.. A: I was going to say that. M: And I asked you a million questions. A: It was ridiculous! So I thought by that point we were actually already dating, and he decided to say "Well can we officially date from now?" And I said yes because I thought we already were. And then he proceeded to like, ask millions of questions, like really hard questions! Like what are your strengths and weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What do you look all of these deep things!! M: I wanted to make sure we were compatible. A: You had already asked me out! What if I had the wrong answers? M: Well I wanted to ask you then rather than find out later that I'd married the wrong woman. A: It was pretty intense interrogation.

So how is that your best date? A: Well it was memorable. And we talked about lots of deep issues. And the rest of the date was actually quite nice, we watched the sunset on the beach and it was quite a lovely, romantic day... M: And then probably the second best would be when we went to Erskine Falls. A: That was nice. M: We did the 3 or 4 hour hike to the waterfall, and then it started pouring with rain on the way back. And then I...

And then you had your first kiss in the rain? M&A: We did!!!! A: At the waterfall. Hahaha. M: Yep, we had our first kiss at the waterfall.. A: Where he subtly asked permission to kiss me...without being upfront and asking. M: Yeah again..totally romantic. Haha well I wasn't sure how super spiritual Ash was about not kissing...because we had friends who didn't kiss until their wedding day. So I was like aaahhhh...anyway it was a great kiss. A: He didn't have to be as direct. I kind of got the gist and said 'No don't worry about that'. Haha. M: But then when we got back to the car, so this is after our first kiss, romantic moment.  We walked what, like 15, 20 km's whatever it was, get to the car soaking wet and I can't find the car key anywhere! So we then proceed to find a local shop, ask for some pliers and then I'm crawling around under the car trying to find the spare key...we finally get that and then later that night was it? A: No, like probably only, I feel like it was only 10 minutes after, in his pocket he finds the key. Haha I was like what?! M: So it was probably half an hour trying to get in the car, in the rain.. A: In the rain and mud and after you've just done a massive walk. M: But we were on a wave of euphoria haha. A: We were obviously not thinking straight.


Do you have any worst dates that come to mind? M: They were all wonderful. A: They were all wonderful! Umm... M: Because we're not counting as a date that time we climbed Mt. Wellington? A: OK that probably has to count. On holidays, 6 months into our marriage we climbed Mt. Wellington in Tassie in the snow, and I was lagging behind - as I often do uphill, and Matt made some passing comment about maybe he should just take the boys on these fun trips and leave me at home.. M: Disclaimer! They were not my exact words.. A: Pretty much. M: It was Ash's interpretation of what I said. A: Well that was my interpretation, and I got very annoyed, and angry, and he tried to calm me down by throwing snowballs at me the whole way up the hill. M: And...and?? Did it work? A: worked. M: It worked! A: Haha but yeah, that was quite fun, that was our first ever fight too. That was 6 months into our marriage. M: Yeah. No joke. Our first real conflict. A: Which probably wasn't a real conflict, it was probably me just being grumpy. Haha. M: Pretty good though for how long we were dating.

What do you love most about each other?  A: Can I go first? M: Yes you may. A: Because you'll say something better haha so if I go first I don't have to follow what you say. M: Haha. A: Well first of all, and it's going to sound shallow, but I love his eyes, they're just lovely. M: I didn't pay her to say that. A: But probably also your excellence in everything you do. Everything you do you do it to your best, and that involves being a husband, whatever job you're doing or friends or family, you always do your absolute best at everything, and that's really good. M: Why thank you. My turn? A: Your turn. M: Well, here's a list I prepared earlier... I love Ash's prayer life and devotion to God.. A: Oh that too! You're really good at that haha. M: I love Ash's love and commitment to family and to friends. She has taught me to be a better friend to my friends and not take them for granted so much. And.. that'll do. A: Thanks honey.


Any pet hates/bad habits your partner has? M: Oh I have one! When Ash puts her socks in the washing basket, she always folds them together. A: I pair my socks so they don't get separated and eaten by the sock monster. M: And due to our work life balance I'm usually doing the washing, and I like to just throw it all in the washing machine, and the socks don't get washed properly, so I have to fiddle around with all the washing, find the paired socks, it's double handling! A: It doesn't take very long. He also won't hang things together, so he won't hang the socks beside each other. M: That's not true! A: You don't do it very often. M: No I usually do. I do my side of clothes on one side of the clothes line, and yours on the other. A: You do, you do do that. M: Stop making things up! A: Haha. M: Well what's your pet hate about me honey? A: Ummm, probably...I don't know you're pretty good. You're very ummm, I don't know the word, particular? You've got high standards, for everything! Mostly on yourself but..

Well that's a compliment to you then Ash? A: Well I try and take it as a compliment, but I often wonder how he ended up with me, and how he settled for me..haha M: I didn't settle for you! A: You have very high expectations for everyone. M: And you meet them...most of the time haha.

What is something you have learnt from each other?  A: Matt has definitely taught me the value in getting up early, whereas that was never on my to-do list, or I never wanted to learn that skill. I'd also like to claim that I've taught him to sleep in, because he was pretty much incapable of doing that before he married me. M: That's not true entirely. I could sleep in. A: Well you weren't very good at doing it when we first got married. I feel like I've gotten you better at sleeping in...because I'm very good at it. M: Oh I know! Ash has taught me how to relax more, slowly. I'm slowly learning how to relax. My version of relaxing is go hard, adventuring. A: Yep. And then be exhausted and go back to work or whatever...I taught him to be lazy haha.

What is one of the hardest things about being married?  A: The last 6 months the hardest thing was being apart (due to work). M: Yeah managing schedules and different seasons of life. I think one of the biggest things has been managing family expectations, well not so much family expectations but expectations of how much time we will spend with family, particularly because Ash's parents live in Shepparton. So just managing the frequency of how long we spend with different people.

What's one of the best things about being married?  M: Having a friend that you do life with, with all of it's adventures. A: I was going to say 'do life with' - totally stole my thunder. But also having that someone who gets your little weirdness in situations, so having little 'in jokes' or being able to share memories or quote movies that are so misquoted now they they probably don't even resemble.. M: We don't know what movies they even come from anymore haha. A: And just that we understand each other, it's quite nice having that. M: That's great, I like that.


Do you know each other's love languages and are they your strengths? M: No. A: Matt's a words of affirmation, primarily, and I am terrible at words. M: You've gotten a lot better...I made you haha. A: I've gotten a lot better but I was like "I love you what else do you need to know? That's enough words?" But clearly that's not enough and I've had to learn different ways of saying the same thing so that yeah...I've been getting some thesauruses out and ..haha joking it's not quite that bad. M: Yours is touch and time. A: Yeah. It took a while to figure that out though because.. M: Yeah because Ash gives acts of service as one of her main love languages, but it's not how she receives. A: And so Matt would try and do that and it would be nice but... M: Waste of time.

What is your favourite thing to do together?  A: Adventuring somewhere. Hiking or canoeing or...not cycling but any other adventure together is quite fun. Road trips, four wheel driving, camping. M: Outdoor adventuring, slightly off the beaten track, preferable wildlife. A: Haha for you to test me on the scientific name, and I have no idea!


Question from James & Megs: What makes you happier in a relationship, sharing with your partner, or sacrificing something for your partner? A: Hmmmm. M: I was going to say sharing. A: It is nice to be able to sacrifice because then you've actually been able to do something, so I get that, but I think if you could choose between the two I would choose to share, because I think it's always nice to share. M: The sharing's have it!

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