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Date Night

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Date Night

So I finally did it! It may have taken me 3 months but I finally planned a date night for Ezra like I said I would way back in May - Don’t Forget to Date your Husband. I had plenty of nudges and reminders along the way but it's a good thing I guess that my husband is still reading my blog?


Now it may have been a last minute 'planned' date night, but none the less I organised it and made it happen (I think our original plans got cancelled so I made the most of it - that still counts right?)

Anyway because I had 'planned' the date night, I even drove Ezra to the secret dinner location so it would be a surprise where we were going. To make things even better because I was driving, it meant he could play Pokemon on the way - more wifey points to me, woo hoo! We got within 5 minutes of the destination and he says "We're going to Le Bon Ton aren't we?" I must admit I was a little annoyed he figured it out before we were even that close, but hey, this date night wasn't about me, so I called him a ratbag and got on with it. Oh and I also politely let him know that next time  there's no need to guess, he can keep those thoughts to himself.


After dinner originally I had thought we could walk to Messina for some desert as ice cream is his favourite thing to eat....but it was actually freezing! So we took the car instead. As we were driving along Ez saw a place he had been to a while ago (with "the boys") that was a great spot for coffee and dessert. I was a bit hesitant considering I was meant to be planning the night, but ultimately as long as Ezra was happy I was happy. I ended up loving the place. It had a really cool vibe and we just had some great chats over some coffee and apple and rhubarb crumble - yum. We were about ready to leave and Ez got up to go to the bathroom. He came back for some reason quite excited and told me to come with him. He had no idea last time he was at the place, but downstairs (where the toilets were) was a massive billiards table that anyone could just play for free.


We ended up bringing our drinks downstairs, and spending the next half hour playing pool and just having a great time. All in all, it was a great date night. Things didn't necessarily go exactly how I planned them, but who cares! I guess it's like my blog I wrote the other week (and it's something that seems to be coming up a lot lately) that you just need to be flexible in relationships and flexible with whatever life throws at you.


Nothing ever goes exactly to plan, and you need to have the ability to be ok with that. Years ago I probably would have been upset that Ezra guessed the surprise date night location. I could have been offended that he wanted to go to a different place for desert that I had originally planned for, but when you're thinking bigger picture, honestly, who cares! I had to remind myself of the goal for the night which was to treat Ezra to a great night that he'd enjoy, and ultimately we would both enjoy it together.


Date night isn't about perfection, endless surprises or what one person wants, it should be about the goal, whatever that goal is. To celebrate someone, to communicate, to have fun, to just get out of the house...whatever your goal is, keep your eyes on that and don't stress the rest.

jolovesboots xx