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Social Media vs Reality.

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Social Media vs Reality.

This post is just a friendly reminder that social media rarely depicts reality. We are all becoming more and more aware of this fact, but just because we are aware of it, doesn't always mean we let it sink in, especially when jealousy comes into play.

beach compare

I'm someone who sits in the middle of this debate. Some people live and breathe social media, and wouldn't know what to do with themselves without it. Some people on the other hand are so against it that they won't have anything to do with it. They will cancel all their accounts because it's all a lie and we should be enjoying life in the moment, not spending hours trying to make life look better than what it really is.

For me, I love a good picture. It's pretty much as simple as that. Like I've said previously I love turning every day life into an adventure. Do I always explain the whole situation - no. Does it make the picture any less 'real' - no. A picture is a picture. I guess that's what I love about being a 'creative person' you can make things appear however you like, and share a snippet of the whole reality. Sometimes I will go with 'keeping it real' and explain the drama behind a photo. Other times I'll post a photo of Ezra and I looking so 'in love' and in reality we've just had a huge argument about nothing important, and I decide to look back on 'happier times' and share a photo I love. The trick is to never be jealous of someone's life based on a photo - because in reality you have no idea of their whole reality.


Take this photo for example. This was our last night in Bali. We planned to have a romantic walk along the beach, find a spot to sit and enjoy a picnic, while watching the sun go down... AMAZING right?


Well in reality we got 100 metres from the beach and it started pouring with rain! I was so desperate to see the sun set on our last night I forced Ezra to the beach and we got drenched along the way. Our 'picnic' was actually a can of coke and a tin of Pringles, and there was no way we were going to find a spot to sit on the sand now it was soaking wet.

messy hair

Once again I forced Ezra to get the camera out so we could take some photos to at least capture the moment (regardless of my wildly frizzy hair due to the humidity and the rain - what a combo). He was not happy because for starters, we were wet for the rest of the night, and I was getting our new camera wet as well. So I then decided to just use my phone to take the photos so the camera wouldn't get wet. FINALLY after all that, the rain stopped, the sunset was beautiful, and we dried in no time at all...although there was not much I could do about the condition of my hair.


All these photos show the reality of what happened. I personally prefer to share the stories because I think it's funny, but sometimes you just want to post a nice photo. Both are technically 'reality' unless of course I said 'What a beautiful last night in Bali without a drop of rain and a perfect argument free night where we saw dolphins swimming off in the sunset and found $50 in the sand'.

So once again, a friendly reminder to never be jealous or have 'FOMO' based on somebody else's social media. A picture is not always what it seems, and we have no idea of the whole reality, we are just getting a snapshot of a much bigger picture. And if someone's reality really is on point with their social it pushing the friendship to be happy for them? Your time will come after all, so hold tight! And if all else fails, just post a good old 'throw back'.

jolovesboots xx