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Ok, so before all the haters jump on board and tell me I need to get a life (as my dad keeps telling me), and that Pokemon is lame - all I have to say is don't bag it until you've tried it's so fun! And don't worry this whole post isn't about Pokemon, it's just what gave me the idea, so bear with me.

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 I know that the app is probably just a fad, but I'm loving it while it's here, and something new and exciting to do. I must admit I feel a little nerdy to have jumped on board, but for anyone who knows me, I have an incredibly addictive personality, so it's really not my fault. Ezra think's it's hilarious that only 2 weeks ago the only Pokemon I knew was Pikachu, and now I'm hunting them all down, calling (some of them) by their name, and getting annoyed at all the stupid Zubats, Rattatas and Pidgeys!

Now before I lose all of you who don't care at all about Pokemon, the reason I'm writing about this is because it's actually been such a fun thing that Ezra and I have been able to do as a couple. We go on so many more walks together, which means we are having so many more great conversations - as well as Hamish is also getting a lot more walks, so everybody wins! Instead of zoning out in front of the tv, or on Instagram, we are both getting outside, going for walks, and just enjoying more of each others company.


I know these are things we should just do naturally, but it's freezing and winter and previously Ezra could not get me out of the house, so if Pokemon is the thing to do it, so be it. Ezra keeps telling me how lucky he is that I actually enjoy the game as well. There are a lot of men walking around by themselves playing the game, so he is just happy he doesn't have to be one of those people. It's something we get to do together.

Pokemon aside, it really is the best when you and your partner have something you both love doing, as a couple. I've written a blog post on this in the past, how it's important to have your differences, but it's also important to have those things that do connect you. So taking it to the next level, it's the best when you can both discover something new, that you both love and become passionate about.

In a relationship, it's SO easy to get comfortable, and your life can just become so routine and eventually boring. As a couple I think you should get out and try new things together as often as possible. Do a cooking class, a PT class, go for an adventure to somewhere you've never been before, download Pokemon and give that a go! Just make sure you're always putting in effort with your partner, and not getting stuck in doing things you've always done. There's always something exciting about trying something new, and it's the best when you get to share it with your partner.

So whether you are a Pokemon lover or a Pokemon hater, try and see the positive side of it, and think of something new and exciting you and your partner can do as a couple. And if you're single, maybe downloading Pokemon Go isn't that bad an idea, who knows who you could meet out there?

jolovesboots xx