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So it's been over 6 months now since Ezra and I have become 'parents' to our puppy Hamish, and all in all he is a very well behaved boy.

When we first got him we were constantly told how having a puppy was like having a child, and I would have to agree to some extent. Now it definitely in no way is the same as being a parent - obviously, but it has set us up for a bit more home life which is great news for me being the Nana that I am.

Most people warned us we would lose so much sleep while he was a puppy, be stuck at home all the time and be constantly cleaning up after a little animal that chews and pees and poos everywhere. Some of this we found to be true, but at least we never lost the sleep! Hamish takes after his mum (being me) because he LOVES sleep and never cried as a puppy during the night, so yay for us in the sleep department.


The picking up after Hamish is probably the most annoying part as some weeks he is awesome, and goes to the toilet where we taught him to. But coming into winter, once again I would see he takes after me in not being a fan of the cold. If it's cold or wet or raining, he will just poo and wee all over the concrete under shelter outside so he doesn't have to get his feet wet! So frustrating but I guess I understand considering I don't even want to get out of bed in winter (check out last weeks blog post if you want to find out how I really feel about winter).

But back to Hamish. I would say he's probably going through what seems are his teenage years at the moment. He has become quite mischievous, and now decides whether he will listen to us or not. I was so impressed with our seemingly perfect little puppy when he was going to puppy school. He would do everything we told him to, and life was great. But then one day at the park, we let him off to play as per usual, and when we called him he came running back, as per usual - until he was about 50 metres from me, stopped in his tracks, stared and me, and then decided 'actually no, I don't want to come back yet' and so he sprinted off into the distance. I was not happy, that's for sure. And it made me wonder if that's a glimpse of what it's like for parents when their little perfect babies start to grow up, and discover words like 'no' and start to realise they have the power to decide if they want to do what they're told or not. It's quite frustrating really - sorry mum.


Like I said at the beginning, having a dog is definitely no comparison to having a child, but it's definitely shown us glimpses of what parenthood could be like. It sounds ridiculous, but you actually have to be a united couple with a puppy as much as you do with a child! If you decide as a couple that your dog is not allowed on the couch, you have to be united on that decision, or as we learned (I only did it a couple of times...OK a lot of times) now Hamish will always come straight to me and try and jump up on the couch. Bad parenting 101, I know, but puppy dog eyes are a real thing. Oh and disclaimer, so is farting, it's disgusting! I'm hoping it's also just a 'teenage' thing because Hamish sure knows how to clear a room.

Farting aside, if you are looking for that next step in your relationship, but not ready for a child, go get yourself a puppy!  (That that sentence sounds ridiculous out of context).

But in terms of always having to be around, feed them and look after them all the time, that's my favourite part! Hamish is always SO outrageously happy to see us at the end of every work day, and who wouldn't want to come home to that?

jolovesboots xx