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When TV Get's The Better Of You

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I tried to write my blog in front of the TV this week, and it didn't go down so well. I was sitting in the lounge room all ready to go, when Ezra came in to eat lunch and asked if he could watch some tv. 'Sure' I said. He did ask if it would be a distraction and I was like 'No, it's fine'. I then found myself glued to the TV for the next 20 minutes watching some show about people who got married in an aeroplane at zero gravity. I found it pretty interesting but completely irrelevant and distracting to what I needed to be doing. And that's when I came up with the title of my blog.

But it's not just that one time that TV got the better of me, I would say it's a constant battle in our household. Most nights after work I want to be super productive - cook dinner, walk the dog, clean up, read, spend time with Ez, and just all those little bits and pieces that need to be done. But to be completely honest my nights at home usually look more like this: I'll get home, spend some time on my phone, walk Hamish before it get's dark, either get take away or cook some dinner, and then watch some tv. Now watching tv I always tell myself 'I'm only going to watch 1 show, then I'm going to get into everything that needs to be done' but before I know it 3 shows have been watched, I can't be bothered doing anything and I'll usually just shower and head to bed. (Ps. obviously this is not every single night, but it must happen enough for me to be writing about it - just FYI I do clean the house...every now and again).

Now not only is this not ideal for me, as I have done nothing I set out to do earlier that day, but it's not great for Ezra either - obviously. Don't get me wrong, there are some nights we are just exhausted and we both want to zone out in front of the tv, but when it becomes a habit, you both end up frustrated at each other, and unfortunately the house doesn't clean itself.

It got me thinking though, surely I'm not the only person in the world who struggles with this? Or surely there are people who can just relate to 'when life get's the better of you'. Whether it be the tv, your phone, computer, sport, work - whatever it may be. I'm pretty sure we all have that little something that distracts us from everything we are meant to be doing... apparently theres a thing called 'procrastabaking' (this is something I wish I did, as it would make my husband a very happy man). But when we choose the easy/lazy alternative and are not achieving our own personal goals, we are definitely not being the best version of ourselves possible. And when we are not being the best us, it affects not only ourselves, but our partners.

So this post is more an encouragement to myself, to stop getting so distracted by things that are not really that important in life, and start focusing my time and attention on things that I personally want to achieve.

By being the best version of ourselves it attracts our partners even more when we are someone who is determined, passionate and focused- nobody likes a lazy daisy after all. So that's all from me, I'm off to go do something productive!

jolovesboots xx