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Tomorrow will be our 3rd wedding anniversary since we got married in Thailand in 2013, and oh how time flies. It has definitely gone fast when you think about the number 1 question we’ve been asked since getting married - ‘When are you having kids?’ Can anyone else relate?! From the very beginning our standard answer was ‘In a couple of years’. But a couple of years into marriage our response remains the same ‘In a couple of years’! Haha, Ez and I are so excited to one day become parents (whenever that may be, probably in a couple of years) but we feel like there’s still so much to do before kids. It still freaks me out that as ‘adults’ you just one day decide, ‘Yeah sure let’s have kids now’...Anyway I’m just rambling, I felt the need to get that out before talking about our anniversary.

Looking back to our wedding day, oh how I would love to do it all over again. Getting married in Thailand was the best decision for us. We spent the week before hand with family and friends just having the best time. It was so fun and relaxing and I probably enjoyed the week before the wedding more than the week after. Shock horror I know, but that’s because I ended up being sick for the majority of the time and spending it in hospital overseas on the honeymoon.
Ezra and I have definitely put our wedding vows ‘in sickness and in health’ to the test, as there has been way too much sickness for my liking for only 3 years of marriage - we spent our honeymoon in hospital for goodness sake! Haha, the reason I bring this up is we’ve been going through a few health issues in the last few months, so I guess it’s fresh on my mind. Nobody likes being sick, or having a sick partner or family member. It’s always hard while you’re in it, but I know ultimately it makes you stronger as a couple and teaches you how to look after each other better. For me personally it really opens up my eyes to people who are doing it a lot tougher than we are, and I can’t even imagine how other people manage life long illness or disease. It definitely reminds me not to take life for granted, and how grateful we should be for our health when it is 100%.
I mainly want to brag on my incredible husband though, as it is our anniversary after all! He is incredibly selfless, always puts me before himself and is the biggest encourager towards everything I do - unless I’m letting Hamish our puppy sleep on me on the couch, he doesn’t encourage that very much. Anyway, just last week I was having a bit of a sook being overwhelmed at how long HE had been sick for, and he ended up comforting ME when he was the sick one. As dumb as I felt, I think it’s important to be able to let it all out, and communicate how you’re feeling through every season you go through with your partner. I’m just so lucky that Ezra was so great at receiving it and totally understood and allowed me to have my moment which was equally important. We both felt better after letting it all out, and being vulnerable towards each other. There’s definitely times to be strong for your partner, but there is definitely no shame in having moments of ‘THIS IS ALL TOO MUCH’ and then moving on. Sometimes I don’t think you really can move on until you’ve let it all out. Oh and just in case you’re wondering, Ezra is doing much better and definitely on the mend.
In saying all this, I wouldn’t trade our 3 years of marriage for the world. Like I said we’ve grown so much stronger as a couple, and learnt how to deal with each other in the many different ‘seasons’ of life we’ve faced so far. I’m so excited for the next 3 years (plus) to see how much further we will grow as a couple (hopefully with less health issues) and to see how much life changes and how we grow as a couple when kids do come on the scene...a couple years from now of course.
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