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Family Holidays

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Family Holidays

Last week Ezra and I went to Perth to visit his side of the family. We got to meet our newest niece for the first time, as well as spend time with the rest of Ezra's family and some friends as well. I absolutely love visiting Perth (if only it were on the east coast and not so far and expensive to get to). But my favourite thing about Perth - other than family of course, are the stunning beaches and the beautiful weather. The beach, as most of you would know, is my happy place! It helps if the weather is warm, but either way there’s something about sand between your toes, the waves crashing and wind blowing through your hair, I absolutely love it and love that I was brought up going to the beach!

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As much as everyone loves seeing family, catching up, and spending quality time with them, sometimes you can come back from family holidays feeling more exhausted than you when left. You want to spend all the time with everyone while you can, so it can be non stop until you get back on the plane. Ezra and I have had a few of those trips, but we are definitely becoming a lot more intentional to make sure family holidays are also a time we can relax, and still come home refreshed.

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One way Ezra has learnt to do this, is by taking me to the beach. And we have quite the routine for trips to the beach now. Ezra is not a fan of doing absolutely nothing at the beach (which is usually the exact reason I go). So now he will set up his towel next to me, fall asleep in the first 10 minutes, sleep for the next hour or so, and when he wakes up he heads straight to a coffee shop - and let’s me enjoy the beach for the next few hours. He used to try and be a 'good husband', stay with me on the beach sweating up a storm, and look so uncomfortable it made me uncomfortable! We both ended up frustrated and quite the opposite to relaxed. But now we are both happy to spend some time together at the start, and then go our separate ways for the next few hours. Who doesn't love a little compromise so everyone ends up happy?

Usually one trip to the beach really helps relax me, and helps me feel refreshed when we visit Perth - but Ezra went above and beyond on this trip, and surprised me with a night in the city! We have been to Perth every year at least once for the last 7 years, but we have never really gone into the city were Ezra used to work, and so he’s never been able to show me around. He booked the Alex Hotel which we both LOVED and it had bikes you could borrow throughout the day. We rode around the city, looking like the biggest tourists, but it was just so much fun. It was really cool to see all the places I’ve always heard Ezra talk about, but never seen before. And can I say Perth has definitely stepped up it’s game from when I first used to visit. There were night noodle markets on while we were there, the next night they were having food trucks, and the foreshore is completely different (so Ezra tells me) and has so many places to chill and check out. I was very impressed.

Oh, I should also mention just in case you were wondering if Ezra is the only one who makes all the effort in our relationship, we also did some activities for him to relax and chill out, including riding Harley's...enough said.




This trip to Perth was a definite success. We got to spend time with family which was the main reason we went, but we also had time to ourselves to do what we needed to do, to make sure we came home refreshed. To those of you who have family interstate or overseas, never take for granted the time you get to spend with them when you go to visit, but if it is your only ‘holiday’ for a while, make sure you prioritise spending time doing things that will refresh you as well.

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