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Have you ever seen those Snickers adds 'You're not you when you're hungry'?Well, that pretty much sums me up to a tee...


It's funny how Ezra just knows when I'm 'hangry'... I mean I guess it's not that hard to figure it out, but still. Even if it's not food related, he will still say to me 'You need to eat some food because you're not making any sense right now' or 'Seriously I'm not having this conversation until you eat something because you're being ridiculous!' The second statement probably being a lot more relevant than the first. I use to snap back and say 'I'm fine, it's not food related' but now it's just easier to agree and eat something. These day's I'll just tell him straight up - I need some food ... God help us all when I'm pregnant!

Personally, I'm not addicted to coffee, energy drinks, anything really - other than sugar! I wish it wasn't so, but it's true. No point denying it as I tried to with Ezra the other week. I was trying to convince him I wasn't that addicted to lollies, so he asked 'When was the last time you didn't have any lollies or chocolate for a whole day?' and to that, I honestly couldn't answer! My excuse being that I bought a bag of lollies and had them in my handbag so I had just been having a small amount each day... Anyway,  there it is, I'm addicted! I actually just ate a chocolate bar while writing this, what's wrong with me?!


The whole reason I'm telling you this, is because I think it's actually really important to know your partners weak spots. To know when they're moody (because we all are at some point or another), but more importantly knowing the reason behind it. Sugar for me is just a fun example, but it did take Ezra a little while (well probably about 5 years) to figure out that I need food to function! As I've mentioned in a previous post MOVING DAY, Ezra can go the good part of a whole day without eating, and still be ok. Not great, but he can still function. This is probably why it never really occurred to him that that's what I needed, because it's never what he needs.


For Ezra, if he's not having a great day, food can be a small part of it, but he is someone who needs exercise (more specifically basketball) to chill out, take a break and refocus. Even a walk around the block, fresh air and a different environment to refocus usually helps ... man I wish my outlet to being moody was this healthy!

I'll finish this weeks post with a challenge. If your partner is having a bit of a moment, and it doesn't seem justified, you be the solution! If you already know their weak spot, be the solution in suggesting what they need, and helping them get it (in a loving, supportive manner of course, not a judging, I know everything kind of way). If you don't know what your partners weak spot is, definitely find out. I would suggest asking them when they're not already in a mood, and figuring out together how to work around it.

All the best! I'm off to eat some more sugar...

jolovesboots xx