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Our Sunday

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Our Sunday

So Valentines Day. As promised I said I would let you in on what we got up to this 14th of February 2016, so here it is.


We actually started the day off around 6am to get ready for church. My husband and I absolutely love getting to volunteer at our church, be part of the family (part of the furniture really) and there's no place we would rather be on a Sunday morning! So considering our early start, we wished each other a 'Happy Valentines Day' and then got to it.


For lunch, I thought to myself, what would Ez love most for a care free meal after a busy Sunday at church... KFC of course! What greater gift is there for a guy on Valentines day? As we were driving home separately, Ezra picked up our romantic, super healthy lunch, but also surprised me with 1. a frozen coke (my favourite) and 2. sweet and sour sauce from McDonalds instead of KFC to go with our chicken nuggets - don't judge me..they do taste different, and Maccas do do it better!


But it doesn't stop there, who knew Ezra and I were going to make this day so much about food.  My thought process for the day being, 'The way to a mans heart is through his stomach!' So I baked him one of his favourite desserts, triple choc brownies! Ok to be honest this one was just as much for me as it was for him, but who doesn't love a good brownie?!


So Ezra must have read last weeks blog post because he got me some more sunflowers with my super cute card. He got me 6 sunflowers to represent the 6 years we have been together for Valentines Day, and 6 photos with hand written notes about every year we have been together. But not only that, he created a home menu with all my favourite foods in it, for a night at home with our baby (Hamish our puppy haha) and a movie of my choice.


I'm guessing our Valentines Day looked nothing like yours, but for me, it has been a great day. And yes as I'm writing this it is still daylight, and to stick with the whole theme of my blog 'keeping it real' I'll leave you with the below photo.


I'm just holding out for dinner as Ezra crashed on the couch and has been asleep for about an hour now. I can't bring myself to wake him just yet, but I said I'm happy for dinner at 7:00pm so he's still got time (currently 6:00pm). Love my husband, and I've loved our Valentines day. Even if it's just a reminder to think of your partner more, how you can surprise them and put them before yourself, it's a great day to make of it what you want!


Hope you all had a fun day and spread the love no matter what you got up to.

Happy Valentines Day.

jolovesboots xx