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For anyone that knows me or has read some of my previous blog posts, you would know that it's been a long time coming for Ezra and I to get a puppy. And the day finally arrived where... WE GOT A PUPPY!    He is the cutest thing ever, and here's how it happened...

For years I have told Ezra, if we were ever to get a puppy, I wanted it to be a surprise. I didn't care what kind of dog, when it was going to be, I just loved the idea of getting a puppy as a complete surprise. Well, that kind of worked.


It got to the stage where we both really wanted a puppy, we had a place to live where we could get a puppy, and I held a puppy at a pet store that I fell in love with - from there it was just a matter of time. It also happened to be coming very close to Christmas and my birthday and so as Ezra does, he got researching. He spent hours on the internet speaking with breeders, and of course being me, I managed to choose one of the most expensive puppies there are. I knew it was stressing Ezra out a little (or a lot) especially leading into Christmas, and I just let him know I don't actually mind, and he can let me know what's going on.

Pretty much the cheapest way to get the puppy was to fly one from interstate, and most of them weren't going to be old enough to fly down in time for Christmas. Ezra was pretty bummed about that, and had to confirm with me a million times over it definitely wasn't going to make it in time for Christmas, mainly so I wouldn't be disappointed. He said it was looking like Jan/Feb we would get one, but he would keep it a surprise when it was actually coming.


I like to think I'm pretty good at figuring things out, which means I often ruin my own surprises, or end up disappointed, which either way isn't great. I'm just so impatient and my mind goes wild coming up with a million scenarios. For a while Ez had been telling me that on the 29th Dec his best  mate was coming to Melbourne for New Years, and so he was going to pick him up from the airport. Me being Sherlock Holmes and all I decided straight away - he's not picking up Kyle, he's picking up the puppy! I didn't want to spoil the surprise for Ez so I played along, until another one of our walks where I told Ez I haven't been getting ahead with my blogging because I was waiting for the puppy to arrive to blog about! Ezra explained it's not coming for quite a while..and that's a silly reason not to get prepared. He threw me off track completely and convinced me I was wrong!

So the day finally arrived where Ezra was going to pick up 'Kyle' from the airport. He sent me pretend txts that were supposedly meant to go to Kyle, and even sent photos saying 'Off to pick up Kyle, we will send another photo when I get to the airport' (which I mysteriously never got).


When I got home that night, I walked in the front door and something STUNK! I think in the back of my mind I knew straight away, a smell that bad can only be poo, and puppy poo!! I keep saying to Ez 'What is that smell? Babe it stinks!!' Getting more and more excited I started running around the house and my voice got very high pitched. I finally got to the bathroom (where I discovered the smell that had stunk out the whole house) to find the cutest little Blue English Staffy in the bath tub. He had spread his poo all throughout the bath, on himself, and was just wagging his tale looking up at me with the cutest eyes I ever did see. I was so happy and excited...but didn't pick him up just yet because of the poo!

Ezra graciously cleaned up the mess (including Hamish - that's his name) and the rest is history.

We have absolutely loved the journey so far, but who knew puppies peed so much!? He is getting cheekier by the day, and already growing so much. Don't worry, this definitely won't be the last you hear from Hamish, I'm sure he will make plenty more features to come.


jolovesboots xx