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New Year

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New Years Eve is just around the corner and for many people, the 1st of January is an opportunity for a fresh start and a new beginning. A chance to loose that 5 kilos (most probably gained over the Christmas season), a chance to pursue personal or work goals like never before, and build on relationships whether old or new.

For me personally - I probably fit into all the above. I want to live a healthier lifestyle, I want to stop procrastinating on a lot of things, and build on my relationships whether that be with my husband, family or friends. Pretty much I want to be a better me - who doesn't really? So what is it about a new year that makes a difference to any other day of the year? Nothing really I guess...


Ezra is one of the few who doesn't fall for the hype of new years resolutions. He is of the firm opinion - why do tomorrow what you can do today. He is also a quotes man through and through, and get's it from his father, so I'm told. His quotes can be inspirational, funny, random, sometimes irrelative, and occasionally down right frustrating if I'm to be honest. The reason they can be so frustrating is because they can be so accurate and what I need to hear - that I don't want to hear them at all. To prove my point, he just came down the stairs while I was writing this and started rummaging through paperwork. When I asked him what he was doing, he replied, 'Just making sure we are all up to tickety boo'. I have no idea how to spell that and I have never heard that in my life, but hey he definitely helps with 'learning something new everyday' and putting a smile on my face.

Anyway, 'why do tomorrow what you can do today' is probably one of those frustrating quotes that gets to me . My sisters and I are all pretty similar in our thinking when it comes to dieting or exercise, and when offered chocolates or sugar we all agree - 'We will start eating healthy tomorrow' (or on Monday, or the start of the new month, why not add in the new year while we're at it). I'm gonna say it's something we all go through one way or another. Procrastination is often our best friend when feeling lazy, tired or unmotivated. If there's an easy way out, most of us will take it - with the excuse we will start better and stronger the next day. But there's such a big difference between deciding in your mind you're going to do something,and actually doing it.


Now I'm not going to be the grinch of New Years and tell you all what percentage of people fail within the first 2 weeks at their resolutions - it's VERY high - so they say.  But I am going to say - have a plan in action. If you want to be a better you for 2016 don't just wish it into existence, write it out, and more importantly, plan it out. Figure out how you're going to go about making your plans and dreams successful, and have someone to help keep you accountable. If you happen to fail miserably within the first few weeks - that doesn't give you permission to give up all together! Don't make your list ridiculously impossible and put so much pressure on yourself you won't enjoy reaching your goals either.

Enjoy the idea of a new year and a fresh start, but understand it's just an idea unless you put it into action and stay persistent.

I'll finish with another quote, because I know it will make Ezra happy:

'If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.'

Happy New Year everyone, I really do hope it's your best year yet.


jolovesboots xx