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Christmas is in 4 sleeps!!

There is definitely something about this time of year where there is so much excitement in the air. Excitement or stress, it's hard to tell sometimes, but I know I'm definitely excited. I love all the family get-togethers, the holidays, the presents (yes I am a gifts person) and of course the food!

The gift and food buying in the jam packed shopping centres, and hours of looking for car parks, waiting in lines, let alone the preparation of the big day are probably the stressful parts of it, but the end result is what really matters. (Let's keep that in mind crazy people out there who turn into monsters to get in and out as quickly as possible! Remember the reason for the season..PLEASE!)

Every year our family actually does our big Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve. It's been that way as long as I can remember and I love it. We always have SO much food, the whole family is together (which is rare these days as we now total 12) and we just have the best time eating, opening presents, watching the Christmas carols on TV, singing at the top of our lungs, and goofing around in true Doery fashion. If we ever have guests in our home on Christmas Eve, I'm sure they think twice about our sanity, but we are weird in our own way just like every other family out there, no doubt.

I love how every family celebrates Christmas differently with their own traditions - whether they have grown up with them or created them as they have gotten older and made their own families. I made the passing comment the other day to Ezra 'It's not Christmas without Mariah Carey's Christmas album!'  which then lead to a trip to JB Hi-Fi and countless hours in the car belting out 'Baby all I want for Christmas, is you'... OK I was belting it out while Ezra was probably getting a head ache. But it's those little things that just make Christmas special - and it's different for everyone.


As I mentioned before,  I am someone who loves gifts. And I know I know, that's not what Christmas is about, but it's still part of the fun of the day. Now I love getting gifts for other people, and normally I don't have too much trouble either, but there is something I struggle with when it comes to buying gifts for Ezra - surely I'm not the only one who finds it hard to buy for their partner?

For starters, Ezra will be the first to tell you he has everything he already needs. And secondly he is a researcher! So if there is anything he sets his heart on, it can turn into days, weeks, sometimes even months of research to find the best product and the best price - what hope do I have? If I can somehow think of something I know he will love and he hasn't already thought of, the whole time I'm thinking - Ezra could definitely find this on sale somewhere else, get a better price, get one better quality. I'll just make sure I keep the receipt so he can return for a better one/better price and in the end it's the thought that counts, right?

What makes matters worse is he always just says 'I don't need anything' or 'let's have a $50 spending limit and be as creative as we can' or 'seriously just get me my favourite lollies and I will be happy'. And sure in theory I would love to be able to do this - but I'm thinking from my perspective. If it were me (selfish, gift loving me) I may say something like that but not really mean it - So he must be doing the same thing right?  But apparently Ezra tells me that's the difference between boys and girls, when a boy says something, he means it. Sure sure...

So I just thought I would put it out there for everyone this Christmas - if a guy says he doesn't want/need anything for Christmas, you're off the hook! If a girl says she doesn't want anything for Christmas, you better find her the best present  you can and spoil her rotten. OK I'm totally joking, that's only the case 90% of the time. Joking again, but seriously.

This Christmas though, through the stress, the excitement,  the craziness and whatever other emotions you are feeling, spend some time to focus on what Christmas is really about. Maybe find a church to attend over Christmas to discover where it all began. Think about inviting someone you know who will be alone this Christmas to one of your many parties or celebrations. Share the love the best way you know how, and have a Merry Christmas!

jolovesboots xx