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First up I just want to say if you are ever moving house and it’s a 32 degree day, make sure you drink plenty of water, and don’t go the day without eating… just saying.


So Ezra and I finally moved into our new home! We had been living in a 1 bedroom apartment since we got married and it was definitely time to get a more spacious place. When we would let people know we were looking for a bigger place, everyone automatically assumed ‘BABIES?!’ And no, we are not having a baby any time soon. Just putting that out there. We absolutely loved our old apartment, but just wanted an extra room/study for some more space in general. Oh, and a puppy! Let’s not forget a puppy.

It was only 2 weeks ago we found out we were approved for our new apartment. They told us on Tuesday, and we moved in that same Friday. We were so excited to have finally got a place, but the week leading up to the Friday was jam packed! It was one of our crazy weeks where every night was booked up, and we had no time for packing. We figured, we only live in a 1 bedroom apartment, surely there’s not that much to move, let’s just do it all on the Friday…

Well doing it all that Friday worked in the end, but not without a few stressful drives back and forth, and some not very pleasant conversations which I will blame on lack of food.

We had a pretty successful morning starting at 6am (because I ended up needing to work from 10-2pm) packing boxes and feeling pretty excited about the day. Before I left for work I had some food, Ezra on the other hand had some coffee, and it pretty much ended there. I'm the sort of person who can't function without breakfast, let alone food for the whole day. Ezra can definitely function, but doesn't necessarily think as clearly as he would having eaten. I don't want to use the word 'hangry', but hey, I just did. I get hangry having missed 1 meal, and Ezra only gets there having missed all 3 meals. Either way 2 hangry people is not the greatest recipe for success.

Things pretty much went downhill when I got home from work. I felt bad for having to leave for work, so was just very task focused and wanted to be productive. I called Ez asking where I should get started with the packing, and he asked 'How does it look?' Now I should mention that Ezra is a words of affirmation type of person, which doesn't come naturally for me at all (still working on it). So when I respond with 'I can't really tell what's been done, but just let me know what's most important so I can get started' it didn't go down to well. Pretty much I devalued his whole day's work in a single sentence - go me.


From there we had several pretty tense conversations during several unnecessary trips back and forth between our houses in peak hour traffic, 30 degree heat and both of us lacking in food. I forgot some moving materials, which we went to go get, but I then forgot the keys, so we had to go back to the new house then back to the old house again. We finally got all that sorted so Ezra could go and pick up some couches which we were already running late for . 15 minutes later though, Ezra is running towards me because he forgot to get cash for the couch, or I forgot to give it to him...either way it was just 'another thing' that didn't go our way.

We were extra stressed because we were meeting some friends for dinner, which we ended up being an hour and a half late to which they couldn't have been more lovely about, but we still felt VERY bad.

It was a wild, emotion filled day, but I feel a lot of it probably could have been avoided if we both ate more food, and drank more water which would have enabled us to think more clearly. In the end we both ended up feeling SO much better having sat down, eaten some food, and laughed it all off with friends. We were also pretty pumped with ourselves that we did manage to move a whole home full of things in one day. A 1 bedroom 'home' but a home none the less.

My advice to anyone moving house: eat

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