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I've mentioned previously how much Ezra and I love going on walks together. We love it for the exercise, but more importantly we love it for the great conversation. We honestly have the best time when we are out in the fresh air, and everything from our day comes rushing back as exciting news to talk to each other about.

The great thing about chatting while walking is that there are no distractions! Ok maybe not no distractions, but minimal distractions - for me I will always find something that catches my attention...I get it from my mum apparently. If something has caught my attention, this is most likely what's going on inside my mind: *I need to tell this person about the dog that I just saw. If I don't tell them now, they will never see the dog. They are in the middle of a pretty serious conversation though. Surely they will be finished soon. Keep smiling and nodding your head... I now have no idea what they are saying. Oh they took a breath...'DID YOU SEE THAT DOG BACK THERE?!* Seriously, ask Ezra if you don't believe me. And apologies to all the people in my life I constantly interrupt, but at least I will pay better attention to what you are saying - once I have blurted my meaningless observations out.

Anyway, for us, trying to chat at home pretty much never works. The usual distractions range from Instagram, TV, doing chores, paying bills, making dinner, pretty much anything we see will side track us from conversation. Not to mention our massive couch which we call the devil. It's the comfiest couch ever which means if either of us 'just sit down for a minute' there goes our whole night in front of the TV. Ok so once again I will admit I am the main culprit of doing this, but I choose to blame the couch/the devil.  So if you are wanting to have some great conversations with anyone in your life really, I would recommend getting out of the house and get moving.


There are so many articles on the benefits of fresh air - apparently it's good for digestion, improves blood pressure and heart rate, makes you happier (that's a bonus), gives you more energy, and a sharper mind. And a sharper mind = better conversation in my professional opinion. Maybe it's even something to do with your body is moving, so your conversation keeps moving..or maybe it's just the fact it can be pretty awkward walking with someone for 20 minutes and not saying a single word, so you're pretty much forced to start somewhere. Whether it's to talk about that one thing you have been meaning to talk about for weeks, to discuss a certain issue or just to have some good conversation in general, go enjoy the benefits of some fresh air!

I'd encourage you to give it a try, there are so many positives to getting out and walking, and the only negative being that living in Melbourne there's 80% chance it could be raining.
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