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Date Night Done Differently

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A couple of nights ago, Ezra and I went to see 'The Martian' Gold Class. We had been given tickets months ago and finally had a movie enough people recommended that was long enough to be able to enjoy in Gold Class.

Side note before I get into date night, I went to call up to book our seats and found out it was $5 extra per ticket to book online or over the phone, PPSHHHH that’s ridiculous. So I got Ezra to ride by on the vespa and we got the last 2 available seats…$10 in our pocket thank you very much - lucky we live 5 minutes from the cinemas. What if you were booking for a family of 5…that’s $25 extra for nothing. Haha yes I am cheap but we won out this time round!

Anyway, so getting ready for date night, normally we like to ‘dress to impress’ but Ezra asked me ‘Do you want to dress down for the movies tonight, like wear trackies and just be comfortable?’ My first response being, ‘You can’t wear trackies to Gold Class!’ But then we got chatting as to ‘Well why not?’. Our date night is all about spending time with each other, and having the best time as a couple - it shouldn’t be about caring what everyone else will think. And it makes sense really, who wants to go to the movies in a dress and heels, so uncomfortable and no one can see you in the dark anyway.

So once I was convinced to dress for comfort instead of style, I thought - why not just go all out - I am going make up free baby!! (insert monkey emoticon with face covered). I was pumped about this new found freedom of not caring about what the world thought...until of course we walked into the Gold Class lounge and everyone was super dressed up. I knew they would be as I normally would be myself, but I definitely felt every stare that came our way. I said to Ezra joking/totally serious ‘I regret everything!’ Ezra is way more confident than I am and really doesn’t care what other people think...I’m definitely still on that journey!

Ezra came to the conclusion that either we looked really poor, or super rich. We either couldn’t afford to dress up, or we were so rich we didn’t care to dress up. In the end it was the best once we were in the dark cinema, being so comfortable and I was happy I went through with it. It was a good reminder for me as to why we go on date nights, and who they are for.

I’m not saying we won’t ever dress up for date nights again - that’s ridiculous. I absolutely love dressing up and looking my best for my husband. But there really is something freeing about being comfortable in who you are, knowing your husband absolutely loves you the way you are, and having the best time not caring what anyone else thinks about you.

Oh and for anyone wondering, I would also recommend the movie - it was a great watch and a great one for date night. Below are some photos on our way to the cinemas to prove we did it!

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