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Home Cooked vs Eating Out

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FotorCreated The daily struggle between eating out or having a home cooked meal. I know I know, I'm lucky to even have the choice, but surely I'm not the only person who faces this dilemma. When I first got married I was actually excited to cook roasts, bake apple pies from scratch, and have dinner on the table when my husband got home. Unfortunately for my husband, the novelty ran out pretty quickly. Now we face the big decisions in life - can we be bothered to buy ingredients and cook at home, or just grab some take away? It doesn't help we have the best Thai restaurant at the end of our street. It costs about the same when you're only feeding two people, and take away is so much easier, faster, and no dishes which is always a win! But sometimes there's nothing better than a home cooked meal with fresh ingredients (which I can really enjoy making when I actually have the time and energy to do so).

My husband and I went through a phase of eating so much take out food, all we really craved was a delicious home cooked meal. Some weeks we spend every night at home (VERY rare), and yet other weeks we will not get one night at home - which is why we end up eating out so much.

I think the biggest struggle for me is even if we sit down and plan to cook every night for the week, do a big supermarket shop, and finally enjoy some home cooked meals - it only lasts about 2 or 3 nights max. Then somehow we get busy (that or lazy) and by the end of the week I'm having to throw out all our 'fresh' groceries.

"Why don't you just go to the supermarket every night?" I hear you ask - don't get me started. For some reason Ezra absolutely LOVES supermarket shopping - I on the other hand, do not. And it really isn't safe sending me in there hungry. I will come out having spent a fortune, bought half the items on sale we didn't even need, stop by the confectionery aisle because that's just a must, and odds are I will walk out having forgotten the main ingredient for the one meal I was buying for. So just no. And besides, ain't no body got time for that.

I guess the solution to my problems could be a) get a dog to eat all the left over groceries b) have a kid because apparently once you have kids you just don't eat out all the time c) stop being lazy and cook at home - fresh ingredients are a lot healthier d) keep trying to find that balance and be grateful to even have the option.

I'm leaning towards option a)