A little bit about me...

To get things started: My name is Jo + I love my husband + his last name is Bootsjolovesboots

I'm married to my best friend Ezra and have a dog who is way more popular than me @hamishthestaffy. They're my favourites! I live in Melbourne but not sure why considering how much I love summer, warm nights, the beach, and a tan. 

I LOVE going on adventures and taking as many photos as possible. But when I'm not out adventuring or travelling,  you'll find me working, managing our Airbnb's, attending Bridge Church or doing never ending house chores - booo! I also love a bit of calligraphy which you can check out in the shop section. 

jolovesboots is all about every day life and making the most of it. I'ts a space for me to create, write, dream and connect with amazing people like YOU! Oh and I'm also a sucker for love stories so you'll be able to ready plenty of interviews of some amazing couples who are killing it at life! 

Hope you enjoy!


jolovesboots xx